For more than 20 years, Macromex has been the industry leader for frozen and chilled food products. The expertise, the passion to always be one step ahead, the professionalism of the entire team, the products’ quality, the courage to take risks and the quick response to market’s opportunities and changes have led the company to a steady and sustained development. Macromex has the power to quickly turn revolutionary ideas into reality. The company’s mission is to offer the consumers a superior experience, by giving them access to innovative products of impeccable quality. In everything they do they focus on innovation, constant quality and a healthy living. 

The company’s desire to offer the best, has naturally resulted in the development of some very successful brands in Romania and beyond. The reputation and strength of these brands are proof that Macromex is today a benchmark in the industry. The company measure the performance through their position and market share, through the reputation of their brands and those of the partners, but most importantly, through the value they bring to consumers’ lives. 

  • Edenia is the leading premium frozen food brand, with an extensive range, covering several categories. 
  • Corso became the no. 1 ice cream brand in less than two years since it’s release. 
  • La Strada has brought the fashion into the ice cream industry, by becoming the first prêt-a-porter ice cream in the world. 
  • Edenia and Azuris cover over 30% of the frozen fish market. 
  • President butter is the leader in the premium segment. 
  • Farm Frites is the no. 1 brand in the frozen potato category. 
  • Akadia is a leader in the segment of milk and vegetable fats specialties. 

Establishment of a controlled temperature warehouse in Campia Turzii

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Câmpia Turzii - Cluj

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