Scandia Food is the leader on the market of meat products from Romania, dominating the canned spreads category, with a market share in volume of over 46% (source: AC Nielsen, 2014) and covering and other segments as well as vegetable spreads, meat and canned food. In 2010 we have expanded with two new lines of business: quick service restaurant and cold cuts production. 

Whether we speak of Scandia Sibiu,Bucegi Sadu, any of them manages to reach consumers through various pluses; Scandia Sibiu is the target`s premium ally looking for clean recipes, without E`s and high quality ingredients, while Bucegi is on the tables of those who want tasty meals enjoyed by all the family members and at an affordable price, and Sadu is addressed to those whofeel nostalgia about country food, made by parents or grandparents. 

Modernization of the activity of superior processing of red meat by introducing a modern manufacturing technology as a result of the expansion and diversification of the activity

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