1990, the year of major changes in the economic and social life of Romania, the year when two young people with a developed entrepreneurial sense set the foundations of a a business in the production and marketing of meat products. Over the years, with dedication, responsibility and sacrifices, Alina and George Naghi make from the company Aldis the biggest producer of meat products. 

Aldis presents itself today as a true Meat Compound that integrates the entire flow from slaughter, through production, distribution, ending with the marketing of products; has two brands Aldis and Campis, a portfolio of over 200 products covering the whole range of preparations of poultry, pigs and beef (rosy sausage and corn dogs, sausages, salami, hams, specialties and raw-dried products with a remark for the salami of Sibiu. 

Modernization, extension and adaptation to mixed zootechnical standards

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