Since 2010, Porcellino Grasso has been approached the Romanian market for the production and growth of pigs from a new, innovative perspective, where their welfare and implicit the quality offered to the consumer are the key factors. The communication perspective is friendly, playful, close to the consumer, which is subtly introduced in the story and in the space carefully built for the welfare and safety of the pigs. 

At present, the Porcellino Grasso pig farm from Francesti, Vâlcea County, has 11 halls with a capacity of 2600 animals per hall and ensures the production of up to 95,000 pigs per year. In a dynamic and challenging environment, such as the production and growth of pigs, our performances is possible due to the investments made both in technology, in order to be always  informed by the new gardens, installations and breeding programs, as well as in the constant specialization courses and in the performance-based bonus system for the team of specialists who are close to us. 

Establishment of fat pig farm

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Francești - Vâlcea

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