NEGRO 2000

We are a private company with 100% Romanian capital that started it’s activity in 1993 and deals with the processing and preservation of fish and fish products. Obtaining the invention patent with the object – „plant and technological flow to obtain artificial caviar, a food product made from natural products” was really the beginning of our company’s story. We offer to our customers a diverse range of roe salads, uncooked salted roe, smoked fish specialties, marinade fish and fish salads, packed in several variants under the brand „NEGRO 2000”. 

Negro 2000 S.R.L. is still the market leader since 1999 as market turnover for the sector of fish products and the trend is of continuous growth. The merits were acknowledged by awarding the first place to the national top of private companies in Romania and obtaining the Excellence  diploma „European Union Standards”, which is signed by former President of UEAPME Andrea Bonetti. 

Establishment of fish processing and storage unit

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