SC AGROLEMN S.R.L. is a company operating in the agricultural field being located in the middle of the agricultural area in the plain of Teleorman. The company cultivates nowdays cereals on an area of about 1500ha and has modern equipment and specialists in the field. 

Our company has it’s own location of more than 35ha, where presently owns constructions (silos, stables, warehouses of over 10.000 sqm). 

The perspectives of S.C. AGROLEMN S.R.L. are: 

  • The development of the land exploited by buying and renting new surfaces up to 5000ha; 
  • The construction and putting into use of new production objectives (mill, silo, livestock farm, greenhouse, hives, etc.); 
  • The obtaining of seeds for own use and sale; 
  • The equipping with new agricultural machineries. 

Establishment of an agrozootechnical farm with micro FNC and renewable energy production unit

Name of the project

Roșiori de Vede,Teleorman

Location of the project

Value of the project