Agrisol has always invested in modernization, technology and innovation. In 2000, Agrisol built an integrated production structure, from compound feed production, poultry and pig breeding, continuing with the slaughtering, transport and marketing of poultry meat both on the domestic market and for export. The own retail network has reached 87 units compliant with European standards. At present, Agrisol exports meat products to 10 countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Congo and Liberia. 

In 2000, started the construction of the first combined feed plant, it’s silos and it’s annexes, in Movilă Vulpii, Prahova County. This was the first step towards the integrated production process that works today. Over the next few years, the company expanded, acquiring the Voluntari silo and the pig breeding and fattening complex in Căzăneşti, Ialomiţa, complex authorized later also for poultry breeding. 

Establishing and expanding the network of its own stores has been a permanent priority of the group, registering a sustained growth in recent years. In 2010, the network numbered 40 units. In the following year, the network expanded to 55 stores, reaching a total of 69 in 2012. 

Modernization of the activity of slaughtering of birds in accordance with the requirements of the European Union

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Boldești-Scaieni, Prahova

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