Starting from today, every Wednesday, we will be live at Nasul TV. Do not miss the show tonight at 18:00. It will be an exciting one, my father will hand me over the relay

I would like to thank him on this way for the support that gives me every day and for the courage that he showed when he was proposed and he accepted to moderate a show without the slightest experience of how to do it. I'm not a television person either, but I want ardently to help the people of my age to choose to stay in the country, to build their future here and to be able to give to our children stability, comfort and a better life. I also want to offer a helping hand to those of my father's age who want to leave legacy a profitable and successful business to their children. A business from which their grandchildren can enjoy, not just their children. With this show I hope I can help you all. I'm going to pray you to excuse my little stutters, which will surely appear because of emotions. Hold my fists and let's Relaunch Together the Pomiculture!

The moderator of the show is Radu Ciobanu and his first guest will be his father, Mihai Ciobanu, the man with whom NASUL TV managed to save the 500 million euros, non-reimbursable money, amount that would have been returned to the EU if we did not convince the Romanians to submit projects in a timely manner.

I remind you that instead of the „first house” you could set up the „first orchard”, with a share of only 10%, that is, a minimum of 15-20,000 euros! Instead, after just 2 years of fruit growing, you can get benefits of at least € 10,000 / ha and up to € 30,000 / ha in the coming years!

Practically, with the „first orchard,” in 3 years you have the money for the first house, without having to borrow from the banks for the next 25-30 years.