Outdated guides, annexes without decimals make even more difficult the process to access the millions of euros made available for farmers to invest in fruit growing, said the specialists in pomiculture at the event organized by the company NaanDanJain Irrigation in partnership with USAMV, ICDP Maracineni and Reeve Asset Management.

Out of 173 projects submitted this year to the Rural Investment Financing Agency (AFIR) under submeasure 4.1a Investments in fruit holdings, 159 projects have been endorsed. The approved projects amount an area of 2.059,44 ha, said Dorin Sumedrea, scientific director at the Institute from Maracineni, in his exposition at the NaanDanJain Irrigation Projects event, held on 7th December 2016 at USAMV Bucharest.

remained 56 millions € in the previous session

Dorin Sumedrea

The biggest interest was for hazelnut – 392,30 ha, followed by walnut – 360,83 ha, huckleberry – 339,91 ha, cherry tree – 232,17 ha, apple – 211,95 ha, plum – 176,32 ha and sea buckthorn -153.96 ha. Smaller surfaces are reserved for: raspberries – 38,77 ha, apricot – 35,21, black currant – 28,94 ha, blackberry – 24,04 ha, almond -15,80 ha, pear – 13,69 ha, cherry – 11.34 ha, quince – 10.75 ha, aronia – 8.98 ha, strawberry – 2.58 ha and peach – 1.90 ha.

It is a step forward by comparison to last year when accessing money destined for fruit growing has failed. According to Dorin Sumedrea, in the 2014-2020 PNDR, is available a total budget of approximately 300 million euro for reconversion and establishment of new orchards.

On average, per project, the amount requested is 400,000 euros, made a calculation Mihai Ciobanu, general manager - Reeve Asset Management. He added that 58 million euro remained from the previous session. The specialist insists that farmers should ask also for this money. 173 projects have been submitted for submeasure 4.1a - investments in fruit growing. The money ended in the middle of the month, although the session was prolonged. 150 projects remained not submitted. It should have been allocated the 58 million euros left from last year. But, unfortunately, those who failed to submit the projects did not even make a written notification or email to AFIR or the Ministry of Agriculture and it would have been possible to reallocate the money. I suggest to those who have remained with unsubmitted projects to report to Director General of AFIR, to the Secretary of State, to the Minister of Agriculture and is possible that the remaining money from the previous session to be reallocated. They are, however, 58 million euros. Think that the 173 projects amounted 177 million euros. So an average of 400,000 euros per project.