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The pomiculture specialists meet on December 7th at USAMV Bucharest

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The experts in fruit growers: the company NaanDanJain Irrigation in partnership with USAMV, ICDP Maracineni and Reeve Asset Management are gathering in early December to discuss on fruit growing with precision and smart farm management of fruit growing holdings, innovative solutions and new technologies as sources of growth of the main indicators of performance, productivity and profitability.

In the context that fruit growing has become a priority development sector for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the financing measures for the financial year 2014-2020 add up a total budget of approximately 300 million euro for the reconversion and establishment of new fruit farms, the company Naandanjain part of the Jain Irrigation group, the world leader in irrigation solutions, has set out to create a broad framework to access the specialized information for those who want to invest in the fruit growing sector by bringing together expert scientists, agronomic specialists in fruit growing both at national and international level through the presence of the special guest from Israel, Arie Peleg.

Arie Peleg, former consultant of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture in fruit growing, comes with extensive international experience in fruit production in the context of different microclimates: Israel, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Netherlands and the UK.

In a presentation sustained at the NaanDanJain event, Arie Peleg will offer a series of premiere solutions for Romania such as the protection of trees from dust and the cooling of plantations in hot periods.

Romanian specialists will provide relevant information on the 2014-2020 PNDR program and how can be attracted European funds opened in the fruit sector, the state of research on fruit holdings in Romania and our country’s specificities of soil, water resources and crop types.

Guest Specialists: